14 karat white gold three-stone Diamond engagement ring with trellis setting.


Round Brilliant cut Diamonds are laboratory grown*. 0.66 total carat weight side stones have VS-1 clarity and F color. Center stone is 0.80 carat with VS-1 clarity and G-H color.  1.46 carats total diamond weight.


Size 7


SKU 105-00105


*Laboratory grown diamonds are 100% carbon and are true diamonds that are just as strong and beautiful as their naturally-occuring counterparts.  They are only distinguishable from naturally grown diamonds when tested using very complex gemological equipment in an advanced gemological laboratory such as the one at the Gemological Institute of America. Graduate Gemologists cannot tell them appart using a microscope or other basic gemological equipement. All lab-grown diamonds sold at K.Jons have been microscopically laser inscribed to differentiate from natural stones. 


Naturally occuring diamonds were formed under intense pressure and heat over millions of years, and have been mined at great monetary expense. Laboratory grown diamonds are grown in about a month and do not require mining, therefore their cost is substantially lower, making them a great choice for the budget-conscious.

14K White Gold & Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

SKU: 105-00105